15 August, 2013

Wrapping up Summer

It has been an amazing, very full, summer, which is why I have not written anything in months. I haven't written much by hand, either. I remodeled my bathroom, worked on 3 sewing commissions (1 is ongoing, hopefully), joined a Waldorf co-op, joined a Naturopathic certificate co-op, took Asher to soccer and dance, signed him up for soccer in the Fall, hosted family, hosted a birthday party, and am in the thick of clearing my home of anything excess. I want to start our school year fresh, with only what we need and love in the house, so my mother is here (the lone remainder of our familial influx) to get everything cleared out by this weekend.

Speaking of the school year, I've been learning a lot about Waldorf and planning out our school day/months/goals. We've had a few 'practice runs', and I am almost ready for September 1st, when we are going to dive in. I am very excited, as are the boys (generally). I came across a great Waldorf materials giveaway at Cedar Ring Mama, and I am already coveting the majority of their catalog. For now I'm trying to budget, but I've got a running list now for when I've got a bit of wiggle room, especially those art supplies!

Now I need to get back to work; the summer is almost over, and I am looking forward to finishing this marathon of projects and settling into the new year.


14 May, 2013

a chance encounter

I took the boys to the playground today (before a tried and failed attempt at a swim lesson; long story). Another woman sat down next to me after a bit, clearly by choice and asked me what I do for a living, if I'm a stay-at home mom, what. I told her my current job and then brought up that I am a doula (in training).
Her first response was, "oh, like for single moms? That's great!" and then told me her story. 10 years ago her water broke and, having no idea what was going on, she went in to the doctor who told her she was (much to her surprise and dismay) having a baby. She cried and panicked and told him no, she didn't want a baby, she didn't want to be a single mom, etc. She wound up getting support from her sister, who reassured her that she would help her with the baby and then stayed with her while she gave birth and supported her afterward. If not for her sister, she is still convinced she would not have been able to give birth and definitely not keep her son.
I was so surprised by this; here was someone reinforcing my decision to offer my services free or very low cost to single moms, women who have no one and, I feel, are most in need of support as they face a future which is statistically going to be all their own. To be told by a complete stranger that YES, this is needed, it is valued, and it is important. So very, very important. She had her sister to be her doula, others have no one. I'm going to try to be that someone for at least a few of them.

30 January, 2013

Waiting to begin

The countdown to my job switch has begun, although I don't actually know when it will be as it will take place at the same time that the big, new work site goes live. I am excited for that. In the meantime I've been struggling through my doula reading and learning ways to use our Montessori materials. I am really looking forward to exploring materials with the boys, and getting a real clear image of how to balance the two doing work together and separately.

We got sidelined a bit with a really terrible cold; it's been a week now and we are all on the mend, but until the last bit of this lingering cough goes away I am not counting us 'recovered'. The worst day, for any of us, was the second day after initial symptoms. Terrible, full-body pain. I broke down and took Tylenol that day. I was awful. I do wish I had been hit before the boys, as they each suffered through it before I had any idea what they were feeling. They are so strong.

Looking forward to a potluck for all the waterbirth center babies and families coming up next month! Other than that, just moving along, trying to get things done, and getting ready to fill up my day with learning instead of working. Well, it's still work. Just a different kind of work.


09 January, 2013

Certification frenzy

Today I received the book list for my doula course. The book had 10 titles that were required (5 set and 5 'my pick'), so within about 30 minutes I had reserved 36 of them at the library, purchased 6 online, and have the 2 I already own out and ready to read. I am clearly very, very, excited. I am also SET for reading material. At least, I will be soon.

Then I discovered, through the same organization, an herbalist certification course that I am going to go with! I feel really good about this course, and rather than just do the certificate I will do the Master Herbalist program. First I have to save up the money. If I can swing it then I think I really can get my certifications both as a doula and as a Master Herbalist this year.

I also tracked down LLL meetings locally, since I decided that as long as I am at it I will become a LLL Leader. I know I meet the requirements, just need to do the coursework. Also, attend meetings. I haven't gotten out much! This is something else I am looking forward to now.

Leaving my job has me nervous, but not as nervous as I was at first. I am leaving my current post at the end of the month. I have told my coworkers that what I am going to miss most is chatting with them. Otherwise, it is the right move for us. As long as I can keep things going financially, that is. I have faith. Just have to keep going. Life has become very exciting all of a sudden, and I am extremely happy about it.


31 December, 2012

Goodbye, 2012

This has been a really great year. As I type this my older boys are climbing all over me, the baby is alternately grabbing toys and demanding my attention, and my parents are heading back in from a short shopping trip (that was also a little break from the attentions of their grandsons). 2013 is bringing several changes, mostly of the smaller, everyday changes that happen without much forethought, but also several larger alterations to our lives.

I have decided to resign from my current position. I like my job, and I am good at it, but I am just not focused enough on either my work or my kids and I really want to focus on my boys. I still need an income though, so I am looking at a more flexible position with the same company. I hope to hear back this coming week, but things at work are definitely changing.

In February I am going to begin training to become a certified doula. I have wanted to become a midwife since I was 12 years old, but after having two babies with midwives I have discovered that what I really want to do is support the moms, and Andaluz is providing an avenue to do that. I am very excited.

Third, we are going to try to move. I would like to live in an area with sidewalks that is closer to everything we use/want, and hopefully closer to an actual community, if not inside a community, of supportive neighbors. Maybe we can pull this off, maybe we can't, but we are continually improving our home with this in mind in addition to our own needs and comforts.

There are many things I want to begin or progress with that I have not been able to due to my schedule; improving my cooking, getting back into Highland dancing, maybe joining a book club, refining and expanding my etsy store, a few side projects that may become something bigger, that mystery book club I signed up for, and the boys are going to be enjoying a lot more of my attention now (whether they like it or not). We are going to have a lot of fun.

I'm not a really sentimental person, given to recaps and long lists of reminiscences. When I'm asked what I am thankful for there is just so much, so I go with what is simple. This year brought the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. We got the most perfect baby on the planet, amen. Tonight I look forward to beginning a brand new calendar, starting new projects, and a whole lot of eggs florentine, sparkling cider, and time with loved ones. Maybe even a livestream of some fireworks. Here is to a really, really great year.


17 December, 2012

Happy Chanukah!

Chanukah was awesome! Really, really awesome. A list (of 8, as is apropo):

1. We finished putting new flooring in the living room, and I even repainted it so all the walls are one color now :) This was more a present to myself than anything, but the whole house feels so much better. Except for the garage, which is where we tossed all the gross old carpet and padding. ew.

2. The boys loved their presents: Pajamas, more pajamas, a fort kit, a kid's sewing machine, a kid's learning laptop, special rocks, the Lorax DVD, and a PARTY! (Party with gelt, stickers, etc.)

3. We had a party! I am incredibly awkward and self-consious and for at least an hour before the party I was wandering around saying " I can't doooo this!" "Then why are you having a party?" "I don't knooooow!" However! It was great. Really crowded, but great. We had a lot of fun, and people came! People I don't know very well! It went well! I'm so proud. The kids had a blast. All of them. 9 kids, 1 baby, 9 adults. So much fun.

4. One of my guests brought a bottle of wine. WIN.

5. I went on a small appliances spree, and now am the proud (and plump) owner of a waffle stick maker, a deep fryer, a cake pop maker, an electric griddle, and a dehydrator. The deep fryer and cake pop maker were used for our party, with fantastic, tasty results.

6. Dehydrated things! Oh I love my dehydrator. So very, very much.

7. Cake pops are amazing. I love them. This thing can even make doughnut holes. So delicious.

8. This year both the boys really understood the story, and every night the boys lit the menorah, together, and it was lovely and sweet and everyone was happy. I am definitely looking forward to next year.


21 November, 2012

Dental update!

Short story: the extraction went well. Yay!

Slightly longer story: after asking pretty much everyone I know a friend of mine agreed to be my 'dental buddy', so Cam could stay home with the boys rather than trying to control them in the waiting room while I had my teeth pulled. This was good, as it turns out the dentist had blocked out 2 hours for the procedure (in retrospect, wow, some extractions must be really grueling!)

Signed in, sat down in the chair, and I got my injections. They took affect right away, which was awesome. I had been a little worried that they wouldn't work on me, but they did just fine. In fact, by the end the entire left side of my face, up to my eyebrow, and including my left nostril (but not the right), was numb. That was a very weird feeling. The right tooth had to come out first, as it required digging around to find the root and he figured that would take the longest. Well, once he got it it came out in 4 pieces (and took a bit of the jaw with it; I felt/heard when the jaw fractured) and that was that. Then he moved over to the left and after a couple pulls, and the tooth deciding to come out sideways ("I've never seen that before!") we were done. Start to finish, I was walking out the door an hour later. I did scare them by standing up and immediately tripping over the base of the chair ("Are you woozy? dizzy? You sure? Really?""I'm fine, just clumsy.")

What did take a long time was picking up the antibiotics (which I apparently should have been on since my initial visit) and ibuprofen. He offered stronger narcotics, which I told him I didn't think I would need them, but if I did I would let him know and he would call in a script for me. So I wandered around Lowes with my friend while she ordered a countertop, then we went back to Walgreens, picked up my drugs, and home again home again, jiggity jig.

Since then things have been going pretty well. I'm down to about two pain relievers a day, when my mouth begins to feel sore, and have a few more days of antibiotics to go. I anticipate being able to eat some Thanksgiving food tomorrow (yay!) and then I get a followup appointment to see how well my mouth is feeling. It feels weird. I can FEEL that there is a big hole in my gum on the right side; I'm being good and keeping my tongue and anything else out of there, just keeping it clean, but still. Weird. Can't say I really miss the teeth though. New goal: Keep the rest of my teeth. This post brought to you by the adjective: Weird.