31 August, 2006

shoes prettified

Back in, oh, May or so (March? April?) I managed to fall down a hill with no provocation. Trick ankles. One of those things, you know. Genetic easter eggs. In addition to permanently discoloring my leg (which is REALLY weird, and somewhat disturbing. Whenever I look at my leg, that is) I also ripped a hole in the toe of my pink maryjanes. Rather than have a pair of essentially unwearable shoes I finally decided to cover the toes. I used some leftover fabric from the green coat, backstitching it over with pink thread, and then embroidered over with some pink floss. The insoles were all twisted and shredding, so I pulled them out, used the old fabric covers to cut new ones out of this pink clown flannel I inherited, sewed around the edge and stuck them back in. verrrry comfy. I'm proud of myself. yay!

25 August, 2006

wool skirt resized

I got this really well-made wool skirt at a thrift store, discounted to about $1.50. Which is awesome! Except for it being a 24W, when I am certainly not. Since I can hit about an 8, I decided to bring it in just a touch. I took it apart, slimmed each of the panels about 2 inches and reassembled it, then machine-embroidered over a pencil sketch and added some butterflies. I love it! It is really itchy though, even with the underskirt, so I'm going to try to find a thicker silk to put underneath. Learned a lot about skirt assembly in the process, definitely a fun project.

07 August, 2006


K. (the 'kame' in 'navakame') and I are going into 'business' together (finally!) we registered navakame.com, and we'll be working on that together. In the meantime we also now have an Etsy shop which will probably be playing host to her FANTASTIC monsters, and eventually my varied creations (once I can get back to my sewing machine and room of fabric.) Maybe someday A. will let us put up some of her art as well. All three of us, working together. wow. Happy happy!