19 October, 2006

sound the trumpets

While I don't mean to make only two posts a month, that seems to be what I am averaging. I have been doing a lot of things, but with school+work+angst I haven't had the desire to bother photographing anything, much less writing about it. I'm obsessed with school school school and mail, which gets pretty boring, even to my classmates and employees. I'm going to try out the 'take a picture every day' challenge, although I think I'll only post those every week (or every month) so I'm not spending hours a day culling through photos to post the perfect one. In the meantime, things are going well. We've burned two batches of brownies (and eaten them anyway), are well into our fall quarter here and wondering why 10 weeks are so looooooong, I'm forcing myself to get back to sewing (including making Laura a Wednesday Addams costume. I actually was Wednesday every year for a while, until we stopped doing anything halloween- related.) That's about it. Here's the Mister, mocking me with his ability to sleep.

05 October, 2006


So I went back to my shiny new 'insurance-covered' chiro this Tuesday.

Him: Do you understand all the things I demonstrated before really slowly, yes? gooood.
Me: *thinking* can you please just crack my back?
Him: Here are 50-yr-old patient's perfect alignment x-rays. oooh, pretty.
Me: uh-huh.
Him: Here is your seriously wacked out, curving the opposite direction spine x-rays.
Me: uh-huh.
Him: Can you point out where the differences are?
Me: *thinking* can we please not be in kindergarten right now?
Him: You need to COMMIT to my treatment or I will not treat you.
Me: Ok!
Him: 5 days a week, then 3 days, then 1 day, for 1 year. re-x-rays twice, required!!
Me: Ok!!
Him: Insurance only pays $480!
Me: Okaay....WTH??!?!?!?!
Him: Our office visits are $85!
Me: *stunned smile*
Him: The total is over $5000 for the first year of treatment!
Me: uhhhhhhh....
Him: Oh, no $5000? wait! it gets better!!
Me: *thinking* only if by better you mean my coverage jumped to $5000!!!!
Him: We can take out the bookeeping...now is only $3500!!!
Me: uh-huh.
Cam: *shakes head every time doctor is not looking at him.*
Him: IF you pay up front, we can take off 10%!!!
Me: *just stare.*
Him: let me um...let you think about it. *runs away*
Me and Cam: Hell. No.
Him *comes back in* Have you thought about it? Here are financing options. *hand over pamphlet* My assistant usually takes care of this. *RUNS AWAY*
Me and Cam: $65 a month for 5 damn years??? For just one of us? HELL NO AGAIN.
Assistant: Soooooo.....*is really nice and sympathetic*
Me & Cam: Can't pay, sorry sorry.
Assistant: Is totally ok, I totally understand, and I am the nicest assistant EVAR!!!!
Him: *Has vanished entirely*
Cam and I: * walk out and go buy a set of knives*
Hooray knives!!! (Ours have the black handles)