29 January, 2012

Planning for the new month

I have decided that February will be themed 'Finish It February'. I am going to try to finish one project for each day. Some of these projects will be parts of other projects (for example, I cannot finish my entire kitchen in one day, but I can complete individual steps, such as recovering the counter, repositioning cabinets, or installing the backsplash, in one day). 29 projects should get me pretty far in completing the many, many unfinished projects I have here, and help in clearing out a lot of clutter, as unfinished work has a lot of associated clutter. So for this month, of which I have 3 days (counting today) my goal is to get the house CLEAN. That way I can really focus on working/crafting, without feeling guilty, overwhelmed, or blocked by the mess. It should work. Even if I get sick again I have plenty of handwork that needs finishing, so I am ready to go! One of my projects will be choosing a theme for March. Maybe Make It March (so I can participate in Me Made May, where I wear only items I have made/altered?). Now I need to get to work, the dishes, and laundry, and floors, and toys, are screaming for attention. Cacophonous!

-happily, nava

Oh, and I have new neighbors, a very nice couple with a 4-month-old boy. We had a great time meeting each other yesterday. Hooray!

21 January, 2012

"New Age language"

I hear a lot about not liking hippies, how they are all crazy, or elitist, or what-have-you. In theory, I disagree; I see myself as a hippie, as one of those weird people. However, I have had many attempted conversations with people who have that energy and yet I develop a rapid dislike for them during the conversation. I figured out that it's the phrases they use, and more than that, the phrases they don't use. See, I get the whole naming your experience on your own terms, that's great, that's getting the idea out there, that's beginning to connect it to language. However, often the next step isn't taken, the step where you attempt to connect what you are trying to convey to what the other person will understand. That's the point of speaking, of communicating. I get the impression, in these conversations, that the person does not care about communicating, they just want to talk. That is extremely offensive to me; I feel it is abusive of language, of communication, and of each other. If all you want to do is express yourself to yourself, then don't involve other people. If you really do want to connect and share your experience, share who you are, then use your words, use your phrases, use your made-up linguistic musings, and then translate. As best we can of course; after all, everyone's interpretation of any word is completely unique, so we can only get so far in understanding each other through language. The point is to try.
I also think it would help if we don't respond "yeah, man, I totally feel you" to the person talking. All right, so you feel them. Awesome. Do you understand them? ;) Because maybe, just maybe, they don't just want to be felt; they want to connect.


16 January, 2012


This was a good week; had a few snafus (like, baking challah in an oven after turning it off, realising after candlelighting that we did not have any wine or grape juice in the house, and Adin getting hold of a bag of chex mix) but overall quiet, productive, and pleasant.
Woke up yesterday to SNOW, then the sun (sun?!) came out and melted it all, then we had more snow, and the sun came out again and melted it, and then hail, at which point I gave up and stopped looking outside. The boys played outside a little bit, before the first snow melt, and had a lot of fun. Both have colds though, so they are stuck indoors for now.
I also joined pinterest and have spent far too much time on the site, but it has actually helped me to get inspired and motivated, so it is useful. I do need to cut down my online time, but with waiting for translation orders to pop up I always have my laptop up and running, and it is just so easy to log in and pin, and pin, and pin...
It just started snowing again, beautiful big flakes like in a movie. Wonderful.

09 January, 2012

January! Yay!

This past week was good, very productive. I'm getting my house back in order, slowly, but at least there is measurable progress now, rather than simply struggling to maintain a certain level of chaos. It's a nice change.
I had a Mother's Circle class on Sunday, and Wednesday evening the teacher called to remind me that I was in charge of snacks and to please bring challah and grape juice, since this class' focus was Shabbat. I had already received the ok to bring food from my kitchen, since it is kosher, and I remembered that we had been given a bag of flour in our Thanksgiving Gleaner's box. At the time I was at a loss as to what I was going to do with a bunch of wheat flour, but it was perfect; 13.5 cups of flour, so I fudged the recipe a little and made 3 loaves of challah. They came out beautifully, and everyone loved them. Cam ate one loaf himself, and we have a second one that is waiting to be devoured.
After the class we finally (3 weeks late) took the boys to the Children's Museum. Adin is cutting molars and so was strangely shy and clingy, but they both had a great time. They basically just played in the dig pit for a couple hours, and then a quick look through the Lego exhibit. It was crowded, and while it was not as crowded as I expected, it was still a little overwhelming for the guys so they were ready to leave when we were.
In other news, the replacement screen for my pixi finally arrived, except it isn't a replacement screen. It's a screen protector. I have been trying to fix this phone since August, and I am fed up. Thing is, I just don't have $100 to spend on a replacement. In a couple months I'm eligible for an upgrade anyway, so at this point I kind of don't see a reason to keep trying, except that I really like my phone and I have no idea how many texts and voicemails are on the thing.
In other other news, my job is going very well, I've had great reviews from customers and, aside from their being almost no work since the year began, it's been a really challenging and fun job so far.
In baby news, 12 weeks now! Only 6 months to go. Kiddo is the size of a fingerling potato. All my lab tests came back great, no signs of any sort of illness or deficiency, and baby had a STRONG heartbeat at my last checkup (10 weeks). Things are looking good! This is awesome!

happily, -nava

01 January, 2012

Plans plans plans

Woke up to the sun shining; while I love the rain, it was a good start to the year to have such a gorgeous day. Spent the day cleaning, fighting off nausea after taking all my vitamins at once, and drawing up a list of things I want to accomplish in 2012. I want to get to 18; so far I have 12. One thing on the list is to post once a week, so even if I don't keep up with my journaling I'll have some sort of outlet and record going. I'll post the list next week, so I already have a post planned. Yay! Another goal is to get OUT once a week, even if it is just to the library, but I do want to take the boys exploring the parks and museums and events around here. There were so many things I wanted to do last year, so this year I need to make it happen. Now I'm going to finish getting cleaned up and organised for tomorrow, when I will be starting up our learning activities again. I was planning to start today, but a clean slate is a much better goal for the first of the year. I think. :)