27 September, 2007

look who's here!

E. was born September 4th, weighed 7lbs.12oz., 14" head, 20" long; a big, beautiful baby boy! This pic is him at one week old, the day he was finally released from the hospital. He had to spend 5 days in the NICU after they caught that he had an infection the day before we were due to be discharged :( That was hard, but he has been strong and healthy the whole way through, and we've just been enjoying being together since. Love!

17 September, 2007

Back in!

It's been a busy few weeks; I managed to forget how to log in to Blogger, had a baby, and spent nearly a week with him in the NICU! I'll post more (with pictures!) later, but it's time to go check on him now :)