20 June, 2008

jumping back in...eventually

Wow, things have been a bit crazy around here! E has 6 teeth now and can crawl, we had Mother's Day and Father's Day, graduations were last week, I switched my minor from East Asian Studies to History, passed my Japanese class and got an A in my Ling class (despite the prof...ugh...I'll tell you later), applied for a year extension at part-time, which I am waiting for approval on, had The Final Garage Sale with my mum...except that after clearing out all the garage sale things there is still a garage full of more things (who knew they were so densely packed? Besides the termites, that is), so we may have a ...denouement garage sale? In addition, 3 very large fires all within 10 miles of us all within the last few weeks have added to the festivities (including the one burning right this moment set by some idiot motorized arsonist). Anyhoo, going to get back into the swing of things with posts soon, as well as actually publishing a few I have already done and waiting for photos. Main comp is still down, so I am making due with the laptop. This means download pic, edit pic, move over to external hardrive so that my laptop can still function. stupid Windows. I'll be back soon!

04 June, 2008

9 months

oooooh, a meeeeeeme

Whilst browsing today, I saw a meme and decided, hey, why not? I have 5 minutes to kill before jumping on a bus, so here goes:

it's about me me me me meme

Now if you really want to know...

what was I doing ten years ago 1998

I was still being homeschooled; or rather, reading and studying whatever I wanted. I as taking a few courses over at the community college, probably theatre, perhaps tennis, maybe the anthropology course? I was going up the line in Rainbow, moderately involved with youth group (this may have been the year I went to Mexico? seems right.)

5 things on my to-do list today
-babysit Dovid and Feiga
-finish cleaning up the bedroom
-study for my Japanese oral final
-do some laundry (esp. those diapers!)
-actually sleep

snacks I enjoy
-queso fresco+guava paste
-crunchy dill pickles
-gefilte + olive dip

things I would do if I were a billionnaire
-get a nice little house
-pay for my siblings to go to college
-buy my dad a little plane :)

places I have lived
San Juan, Puerto Rico - Estate Tiperary, St. Croix - Corpus Christi, TX - Gilroy, CA - Ingleside, TX - Port Aransas, TX - Edinburg, TX - Sacramento, CA - Arcadia, CA - Santa Cruz, CA

6 people I would like to know more about?
I already feel like a voyeur as it is, but I suppose mostly relatives that I didn't get to learn much about. My Bibita, my great grandmothers and grandfathers, my grandfathers...I suppose that's already more than 6 :)