29 January, 2009


So, I did make a 'new year's resolution', mostly because I felt it needed to be done for the sake of sanity. Mine was:
Do NOT scream at E. Anymore. Ever again.
yelling, well, that's another story, and frankly I doubt I will ever be able to not yell at him, especially in an emergency. But the fact was his screaming meltdowns were leading to me screaming back, and it was just not good. For my throat, my sanity, or his happiness. Or my happiness, for that matter. So I stopped. It's been really good. He's still a champion screamer, especially at 3am (sorry neighbours. really, we are so sorry) but at least it's not a reaction to me and I feel a lot more in control dealing with his random meltdowns. So I'm thinking maybe a monthly resolution would be a good idea. I'm just going to try to think one up in the next few days.

26 January, 2009

New stuff

Wow! So, almost a month. How time flies when you are overwhelmed and wondering what day it is. Actually, I feel like my life is once again achieving some semblance of order, and things are calming down.
On the offspring front, E has a bacterial eye infection and I am 17 weeks pregnant. Whoohoo! I'm glad the first trimester fatigue has passed just in time for Winter quarter and a perpetually sick toddler. Seriously, where does he get these illnesses? He doesn't go to daycare! He plays with us, 24/7. Eye infection? wth? Bebe2 is thankfully growing along nicely, gearing up to join our little house of chaos sometime in July. My good friend is due 2 weeks after me, so, if things go as I expect we'll probably deliver at the same time. Or not. Who knows.
School is good. Not great, not bad, just eh. Frankly, I am just focused on that June finish line at this point, so as long as I maintain at least a C average, I am out of here. Either way, I'm out of here, as I have exceeded both maximum allowable credits, maximum allowable quarters, and financial aid, all of which end in June. Soooo I had better leave here with that degree.
In other news, we bought a house to move into in August .More on that later. It is so all-consuming for me right now that I can't even begin to frame coherent sentences. Gah. Here's a pic I stole off the internet since I forgot to take any good ones myself. ta-ta