26 January, 2009

New stuff

Wow! So, almost a month. How time flies when you are overwhelmed and wondering what day it is. Actually, I feel like my life is once again achieving some semblance of order, and things are calming down.
On the offspring front, E has a bacterial eye infection and I am 17 weeks pregnant. Whoohoo! I'm glad the first trimester fatigue has passed just in time for Winter quarter and a perpetually sick toddler. Seriously, where does he get these illnesses? He doesn't go to daycare! He plays with us, 24/7. Eye infection? wth? Bebe2 is thankfully growing along nicely, gearing up to join our little house of chaos sometime in July. My good friend is due 2 weeks after me, so, if things go as I expect we'll probably deliver at the same time. Or not. Who knows.
School is good. Not great, not bad, just eh. Frankly, I am just focused on that June finish line at this point, so as long as I maintain at least a C average, I am out of here. Either way, I'm out of here, as I have exceeded both maximum allowable credits, maximum allowable quarters, and financial aid, all of which end in June. Soooo I had better leave here with that degree.
In other news, we bought a house to move into in August .More on that later. It is so all-consuming for me right now that I can't even begin to frame coherent sentences. Gah. Here's a pic I stole off the internet since I forgot to take any good ones myself. ta-ta

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