09 February, 2009

I love...

the Hillshire Farms commercials. C and I say the chants to each other. They are AWESOME.

Why yes, I have been a vegetarian for 16 years. What of it?

04 February, 2009


I am so tired of being sick. I've been sick constantly since November; generally just a general feeling of being under-the-weather, but I keep picking up these viruses without a genuine period of healthy respite between them and it is exhausting. and infuriating! and then I take a nap. Currently the cold-from-hell is putting the kibosh into my plans to get ahead with school, or even function normally. Thankfully E seems to be recovering well, but i am genuinely starting to wonder: am I ever going to be healthy in the near future? woe is me, I know, but I just had 4 hours of sleep and feel worse than when I laid down for the nap, so my brain isn't doing so well. It seems to be swollen, and invading my ears. wah wah wah. It's time for another nap.

01 February, 2009

february resolutions

I love my wii fit! Really. It's awesome, even with the sometimes snarky comments. "You seem a little shaky" "That test really wasn't your strong suit" Really Ms. Wii-trainer? I just fell off the board. I was WONDERING why that was.
It's been a lot of fun though, so keeping to an every-day routine has not been hard at all. The only problem is my competitive spirit.
Me: "Augh! Why do you still have the high score?"
C:"What's wrong? You did good! This isn't a competition."
Me: "..."
C: "Who am I kidding. This is totally a competition."

However! I don't think this will be my resolution. I think my resolution this month will be" get and stay ahead of the game. The school game. Not the life game. I don't see that one happening until E enters college. Or maybe gets married. Or hits 40. But! School I can do. Right now I am just keeping up, so I know with a little push I can get ahead and cut down on my stress. Or not, seeing as E has decided to start screaming at me. aaaaand now he's earned a time-out. and is working on another one. ugh.