04 February, 2009


I am so tired of being sick. I've been sick constantly since November; generally just a general feeling of being under-the-weather, but I keep picking up these viruses without a genuine period of healthy respite between them and it is exhausting. and infuriating! and then I take a nap. Currently the cold-from-hell is putting the kibosh into my plans to get ahead with school, or even function normally. Thankfully E seems to be recovering well, but i am genuinely starting to wonder: am I ever going to be healthy in the near future? woe is me, I know, but I just had 4 hours of sleep and feel worse than when I laid down for the nap, so my brain isn't doing so well. It seems to be swollen, and invading my ears. wah wah wah. It's time for another nap.

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