17 December, 2012

Happy Chanukah!

Chanukah was awesome! Really, really awesome. A list (of 8, as is apropo):

1. We finished putting new flooring in the living room, and I even repainted it so all the walls are one color now :) This was more a present to myself than anything, but the whole house feels so much better. Except for the garage, which is where we tossed all the gross old carpet and padding. ew.

2. The boys loved their presents: Pajamas, more pajamas, a fort kit, a kid's sewing machine, a kid's learning laptop, special rocks, the Lorax DVD, and a PARTY! (Party with gelt, stickers, etc.)

3. We had a party! I am incredibly awkward and self-consious and for at least an hour before the party I was wandering around saying " I can't doooo this!" "Then why are you having a party?" "I don't knooooow!" However! It was great. Really crowded, but great. We had a lot of fun, and people came! People I don't know very well! It went well! I'm so proud. The kids had a blast. All of them. 9 kids, 1 baby, 9 adults. So much fun.

4. One of my guests brought a bottle of wine. WIN.

5. I went on a small appliances spree, and now am the proud (and plump) owner of a waffle stick maker, a deep fryer, a cake pop maker, an electric griddle, and a dehydrator. The deep fryer and cake pop maker were used for our party, with fantastic, tasty results.

6. Dehydrated things! Oh I love my dehydrator. So very, very much.

7. Cake pops are amazing. I love them. This thing can even make doughnut holes. So delicious.

8. This year both the boys really understood the story, and every night the boys lit the menorah, together, and it was lovely and sweet and everyone was happy. I am definitely looking forward to next year.


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