15 August, 2013

Wrapping up Summer

It has been an amazing, very full, summer, which is why I have not written anything in months. I haven't written much by hand, either. I remodeled my bathroom, worked on 3 sewing commissions (1 is ongoing, hopefully), joined a Waldorf co-op, joined a Naturopathic certificate co-op, took Asher to soccer and dance, signed him up for soccer in the Fall, hosted family, hosted a birthday party, and am in the thick of clearing my home of anything excess. I want to start our school year fresh, with only what we need and love in the house, so my mother is here (the lone remainder of our familial influx) to get everything cleared out by this weekend.

Speaking of the school year, I've been learning a lot about Waldorf and planning out our school day/months/goals. We've had a few 'practice runs', and I am almost ready for September 1st, when we are going to dive in. I am very excited, as are the boys (generally). I came across a great Waldorf materials giveaway at Cedar Ring Mama, and I am already coveting the majority of their catalog. For now I'm trying to budget, but I've got a running list now for when I've got a bit of wiggle room, especially those art supplies!

Now I need to get back to work; the summer is almost over, and I am looking forward to finishing this marathon of projects and settling into the new year.


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