04 July, 2006


Yesterday I finally finished my sky and water quilt (which is fabulous, btw). I had to sew up a bunch of spots that had ripped before backing and quilting it, but I finished! Cam and I also jarred some cherries, and made a lot of jam, both cherry-plum and straight cherry. We got a 'new' desk, so we put the old one in the guest room as a desk/dresser deal, which makes me really happy (now people can actually visit long-term and not live out of a suitcase). I also decided to keep the bed frame we picked up from Shiranne; I have to buy bolts for it, and a few other replacement parts, but I like it a lot more than the current frame in there which we will be garage-selling. We're also selling the futon (once I replace the bolt that was bent) and a few other things we helped clear out of Shiranne's place. Now I need to put away all the crap we brought from Gilroy (the last of my things, hooray!!!) so that it isn't crap but rather mostly manageable somehow useful 'things'. Organization does wonders, believe you me. Then I can get back to sewing up some more projects, and hopefully at least cutting out the vintage piece for this month. I have to drive back to Gilroy tomorrow, blech, so I won't be very productive until after Sunday. Japanese study time, indeeeeed.
I love food netwoooooork. YAY.

Cherry-Plum Jam
4 bags of cherries
2 bags of plums
1 packet pectin
Pit the plums and cherries. Put them through the blender, add pectin and heat, boiling, until it has cooked down to the point that it is already 10:30 pm and you want to go to bed. In a pot of boiling water dip the jars and lids and set on a flat surface. Fill jars with jam up to 1/4" from the top of the jar. Close tightly and place whole jar back into boiling water for 2 minutes. Remove, cool, and put away. For cherry jam, simply omit the plums (which I did, because I was tired of waiting for the cherry-plum jam to cook down, so I dumped the rest of the cherries in another pot and cooked it seperately).
edit: My recipe came out pretty tart. I like tart. If you don't, add lots and lots of sugar. :)

Pit cherries. Sterilize jars in boiling water immediately before packing with cherries. Pour in to jar boiling water, covering cherries and filling up to 1/4" from the surface. Close jar tightly, place in boiling water for 2 minutes, and remove. Done! yay!

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