10 December, 2007

best day ever?

Soooo E. has started teething, just in time for finals week! Yay! Yesterday he screamed and cried and whined ALL. DAY. LONG. He slept for 10 minutes at a time. 3 times. Yup, 1/2 hour of sleep total. He finally slept for two hours only because I was holding him the entire time. This on top of him suddenly deciding to switch to a once-every-hour feeding schedule. At night too.

The diaper-change thingy we have fell off the wall, and tore the hook out with it. So I had everything you could ever need for a clean bottom all over my hallway. I also have a big hole in my wall. Or rather, the University's wall. We'll need to spackle the hell out of that one.

The crib broke. I discovered, after taking the thing apart and blocking my hallway even more, that we had to do some serious metal-bending to get it back together again.

I smashed my knee into the doorframe and may have fractured it, but I can't get it checked out for another couple of days. In the meantime anything involving use of my leg or any part thereof is extremely painful.

I have two final papers due today and tomorrow.

At least E. finally fell asleep. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah.

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