02 December, 2007

the last week!

Heading into the last week of classes, and I am very happy! I'm working on getting my final papers done this week, so I can turn them all in Thurs/Fri and be DONE. My morphology paper might take a little longer though, as all I have is a topic and no actual research. Oops!

This weekend was a bit packed. I found out on Friday that the sorority Inductions were going to be pretty rushed; Emily had reserved the Women's Center from 5pm on, so they could have the dinner, then presentations then Inductions, as always. The week before she is told that they can't actually get in until 5:30. Then that DAY they tell her that they have to be out of there by 7. What?! So I offered our apartment for the ceremony, so they had the dinner and presentations as planned, then the sisters headed over and set up, then Emily brought over the pledges. I have no idea how it went, as E decided he NEEDED me last night. Poor baby. He was uncomfortable (teething) so he missed his afternoon nap and pretty much pitched a screaming fit from 7-10. He did sleep until 5:30am though, so a mixed blessing to be sure :).

Kat also came over yesterday, so I can draft new pattern pieces for the back of her dress, as it is WAY too low, and I'll be getting started on that as soon as I'm done with my papers. Alright, time to get to work!

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