27 September, 2010

material monday: moving on

Ok!Well all these holidays took me by surprise, and we are having a great time (Simchat Torah next! yay!), I'm just about done with my first herbalist course (just need to sit the final exam!) and we are already on to the next big project: moving! which means: decluttering!

The four of us are moving to: Portland! We are going house-hunting in a little over a week (!!!) so we've started the pre-approval process for a loan, all that fun stuff. In addition, my Dad accepted a position in DC, so he and Mom are moving too! Not only that, they are moving at the end of October, so it is crunch time on the paring down and making plans, and it has been nuts!

We are planning a yard sale for this coming week, so this week the plan is to pull everything out, evaluate, and get a big sale together. In addition to sorting through our stuff, 30 years of my parent's stuff, and 25 years of my Grandmother's stuff, there's another problem: we are dealing with the heat wave that's been smothering California, and this house does not have air conditioning. Our normal trick of closing the windows in the morning and turning on the fans is only lasting to about 1pm, and then it's too hot to do anything beyond sit until around 8 pm, when it is finally cool enough to open the windows again.

Also my card reader is on the fritz, so until I can get that sorted out no new pics. :(
So, full steam ahead!


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