28 September, 2010

tasty tuesday: the generosity of others

Today! Today I woke up later than intended (10!) and then only because my boys had drawn swirls on the wood floors with what looked like black sharpie. yay! Once I went after it with a rag and rubbing alcohol (usually my go-to with marker damage) I discovered it was actually black crayon. and lime-green crayon. oh, and some hot pink crayon to accent the baseboards. I haven't dealt with the orange crayon on the closet door or the brown crayon on the playroom wall. yet.
Thanks to the late start Mom and I kept trying to figure out our plans, which were to include IKEA, Pacifica, lunch, and loading my minivan with some furniture. See, my parents have been up in Pacifica, renting a room from my aunt, to be closer to my Dad's office. Now that he's transferring to DC they are packing up the room in Pacifica and moving everything down here, so it's easier to sort through and pare down. We decided that the simplest plan was Ikea-lunch-Pacifica-load-dinner-home, so that's what we did.
I love Ikea fries. That is all.
Once we got to Pacifica I took my Mom to Safeway, and she bought supplies for dinner; she and Dad made us rice, garbanzos, salmon, and a big salad. It was delicious!
Then I drove home, with a car full of stuff, the end.

That's all I've got for today! Tomorrow I'm planning to submit my final exam. I'm hoping it cools down. That would be really helpful, for things like thinking and breathing. :) Portland, I am so looking forward to your rain!


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