07 November, 2010


Oh wow it's been a crazy couple of weeks. First, Milt got a job! Well, a job transfer. All because our awesome realtor called her friend, who is a manager in a semi-local store in Milt's company. Awesome! We are still hoping for the other job, but now that this job is in hand we are go! However, she needs him the 1st week of December, and the soonest we can close on the house is the end of December, so we will be apart for 1 month. Hard. Especially for the boys. He has promised to Skype every day though, so that's good. Also, so so so so so exciting. This is really happening! Woo hoo!

Otherwise we've been clearing out everything we own! So have my parents! It's been wild in here! Milt decided to sell his big corner desk unit, so I cleared it and emptied the matching file cabinet, and I emptied our tall4-drawer file cabinet and condensed all those files into 1 box. so cool. I'm pretty sure we'll need 1 more file box, but I'm hoping I can condense things a little more. I havegonethrough all our boxes that were still packed from our move last August and have been purging, at least 1/3 of our stuff, and almost 1/2 of our books. I also went through and pulled out all my 'in progress' stuff, and all the various uncompleted projects from my Grandmother, and put them all in bins to work on. 4 bins of sewing projects! Wild! Some of them are from the early 1970s. Also very cool.

So now I'm getting back to that, and then hopefully time for bed.


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