02 March, 2011

etsy feature

Last night I received a message from the etsylawst blog asking to feature my etsy shop. I panicked a bit. The timing was amazing as I had just refocused as well as spending almost 2 hours on the phone with Yohki during which we discussed, among other things, marketing my shop. I was not ready, but close. However, these things don't wait for me to be ready, especially when I've thrown away my prep time, so I said yes and got to work.
I made a blog for the shop, a banner for the blog and an avatar for my shop, both of which I will be posting tonight when I go to the library before Torah study, and have been figuring out what to do next. Well, the feature is already up, so I am racing against time here, but I am very very thankful for the publicity. At least now I'll be better prepared, yes?


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