02 June, 2011

ABBA was right

I remember the first tim I heard ABBA's 'Money, money, money', sitting in a rental car with my Dad. He laughed a little, sighed, and said "it would be." I didn't grow up oblivious to money; I knew things cost money, and that we didn't have any to spare. I was never worried about money though. Now, I am becoming borderline obsessed, and it is unpleasant. Yes, I need to be aware of how much is coming in and how much is going out, but triple-checking the numbers every day isn't going to change the fact that we will have $1 after bills this pay period, and that we would have been $52 short of paying bills next pay period. So I had to let go, stop freaking out, and wait. Then Milt got holiday pay for Memorial Day, and out of nowhere the rebbitzin mentioned she needed some sewing done. We are ok, again, for this month. Every single time, we are ok, and all I can do is say Thank You. And try, so very hard, to keep trusting. Also, etsy needs to start bringing in some money. Yeesh.


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