31 December, 2011

Let's recap!

2011! I did big things!
1) Moved to Oregon! Yes! That went very well. Technically that was the end of December, but I am counting it as 2011 because we were in limbo for a while.
2) Bought a house! That went...ok. It was ok. Moving on.
3) Made New Friends! Pretty awesome. Also, all of these friends are older than me, which hasn't been the case since about 6 years in to community college. I have people who give me advice, and also just like to chat. What a wonderful new experience!
4) Learned a whole lot about government aid programs. Yay! Seriously, yay. Not only have we benefited, but I have learned a lot about the actual people who need and use these programs, who has access, who needs access, just how hard it is to abuse the system, and just how much reform is needed.
5) Went to the Hazon Food Conference for the first time ever and it was amazing. I want to go again next year, but I may have put a little crimp into that plan (#8)
6) Completed the training stage for becoming foster parents. Woohoooooo!
7) Got a JOB. Actually, my aunt got me a job, and it is wonderful and I love it. I am still very nervous, and have made a couple mistakes, but altogether I love being a translator/reviewer. Very fun.
8) Decided to and then became pregnant. #3 and final, and I have gone through some major emotional ups and downs this time around, but I am very excited and hopeful and really looking forward to next summer. Which is why I may not be able to attend Hazon. It's ok! I'll be a little busy!

Signing off until next year,

ETA: I will not be going to Connecticut. In the winter. With a baby. I'll wait until the conference is back in Davis again :)

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