12 December, 2011

crawling back into life

I have been laid low for 2 months with a rather severe case of nausea and exhaustion. All because I went and decided that we would have one more try at having a baby. While I am excited (and nervous) I did not expect that after 2 extremely easy pregnancies (my only symptoms were a couple mood swings and getting a big belly, and the baby at the end) that this last time I would get hit with a 'normal' pregnancy. I suspect I am vitamin deficient and so I've been doubling up on prenatals, but ugh, and yuck, and whine. From onset I have felt sick, and every time I had someone say 'I'm surprised you knew so early!' I told them it was either pregnancy or I needed to be hospitalised, because I never, ever, ever, ever feel this way. Well, the nausea is starting to abate, unfortunately I am forced to avoid any dairy or wheat (or plan to spend a day cooling my face on the bathroom floor), but I am not supposed to eat these things anyhow so I guess this baby is just whipping me into shape (it's due to be a Leo, so makes sense that it is already being bossy ;) ).

My father-in-law has been visiting for a week, he heads back home tomorrow, and it's been wonderful, not only because he gets to spend time with the boys but he's been taking the boys out with him on walks, which gives me time for napping :) I really hope that all the stories of this passing with the first trimester will hold true for me, because I would really like to cook food in my own home again soon. Also, being mildly productive again would be awesome. I'm sure my mom will laugh; she called me a sucker for having another baby after my first was SUCH a good baby, and now I get a 'typical' pregnancy after my two easy ones. I just hope that labor doesn't follow this pattern too! Yeesh!


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