09 November, 2011

old habits have to be formed first

So I strained my shoulder or pinched a nerve or SOMETHING and I just realised I've been dealing with this since September and that I really do not handle headaches or really pain in general very well. I have a massage planned on the 17th. Yesterday I went downtown to an herb store (okay, THE herb store) that offers chair massage because I could barely function and the owner looked at me and said "normally, it wouldn't be a problem, but we're booked solid today. Just today." Story of my life. Or rather, story of my ridiculously debilitating muscle issue. However, we then took the boys to the Children's Museum and they had a fantastic time. and then my hips decided they actually belong to a 110-year-old and let me know in no uncertain terms that this 'walking' nonsense was done. Maybe I'll just get used to it. However, it's been over 30 days and I still haven't learned to deal with random stabbing face pain, so maybe not. I am getting a lot of sitting-down activities done, so there's an upside to temporary retirement from bipedalism.

Speaking of the 30-days-makes-a-habit idea, which my mother told me repeatedly, if it holds true I despair of my son ever being fully potty-trained, because he is absolutely fine for a week or so and then, on days like today, with no outside distractions or over-stimulation or breaks to his routine, he pees in every pair of pants he own. I would just put him back in diapers but 1) that's admitting defeat 2) he's 4 and frankly needs to be getting the hang of this already and 3) diapers are not, actually, easier. I know this because I put him back in diapers a few months ago and that was the most disgusting 24-hours of my life.

Now I am heading out for the evening, even if it means I can only drive 20 mph. It's going to be wonderful.

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