08 September, 2011


Half the pears went into the compost today; the ones that had been nibbled and rejected by the boys. Overnight they were colonised by fruit flies, and there was nothing we could do but put them in to turn into future dirt.

I don't feel so terrible about it, thankfully; the majority of the pears we gathered would have rotted on the ground, had we not taken them, and the boys gorged themselves on handfuls of them. With a drawer full in the fridge waiting to ripen I can let this one go.

Now I just have to keep track of all the other fresh produce; thankfully we have the bunnies, so if I know something will go before we can get to it at least they get to feast, and I am very glad that we do have a compost bin, so at least I am not throwing any food in the garbage.

Still, that box of pears was slated for saucing today. At least I have a tray of tomatoes out there drying. Speaking of which, I had better go check them.


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