01 March, 2012

Hi March!

February has, thankfully flown by. We got ourselves a snow storm in honor of leap day, which was really fun (I say snow storm in that there was a storm, and there was snow, but it wasn't a blizzard or anything like that).

I am officially halfway through this pregnancy (although we expect to go to 42 weeks, so my halfway point is in another week), and I finally (I hope) have a midwife. I am delivering at a birth center and I get two midwives and their assistants, so whichever is on call that day comes to assist me and they switch off each prenatal appointment so I know each of them well. The first midwife I had I really connected with, and then found out that she would be moving on after April, so I was left with the other midwife who I really haven't connected to. I had an appointment to meet with another midwife, but that was cancelled last minute since she would only be available in August and I need one available July and August. Finally met with a new midwife this week and I really REALLY like her and her assistant, so I think we are set. My next appointment is with the one I feel lukewarm about, but I am going to give it one more meeting to see if we click or not before asking to meet with another.

I think I finished 29 projects, but between misplacing my camera and my computer dying and buying a new one and general disorganisation/malaise I haven't been documenting very well. This month I am focusing on sewing (tonight I will be mending, woo hoo!), so I'll be documenting that as well as my completed projects from last month. Pretty exciting!

In other news, translation work has picked up again, so I'm happy, since I have to pay for this shiny new computer somehow and we had to put new tires on the van and I need to start a fund in case we have a boy, for a brit, and I want to have a diaper service for at least the first few months, so more expenses, yes.

happily, -nava

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