02 April, 2012


I don't even know what to write. There is just so much, and every time I sit to write I get distracted, so I play sudoku instead, or surf pinterest, or stare out the window for a while. My brain just needs the space, I suppose.

-Officially passed the 5 month mark in this pregnancy; everything looks good. Baby is active, randomly, although I can usually get a response immediately after laying down, but wandering around Ikea got a lot of action too, so I never know. Talked with one of my midwives about diabetes testing (no, unless there is a good reason) and the post-dates ultrasound (yes to stress tests, no to ultrasound unless stress tests or something else cause concern)so I ma feeling pretty secure there.

-roommate moved out. amen.

-Got flooring at Ikea and I am in the process of putting it into the recently vacated room, which will be our room shortly. Then have to do the other rooms. One step at a time.

-Getting ready for Pesach; pretty set, just need to finish cleaning.

-Started my New Job! yay! Today was the first training day; it went well, I learned a lot, and I am ready for tomorrow. Only concern is the scheduling, and taking care of the boys. We'll just see how it all works out.

-Garden is doing ok; about half the seedlings died, thanks to crazy weather, but it s early enough in the year that I am just going to plant everything I have left (with the exception of a few seeds I am saving for next year) and it should all turn out.

-Went and bought a playhouse for the boys. It is waiting, boxed, in the garage until we clear the space for it in the yard. This involves some major pruning, raking, smoothing, laying sand, and then building the house, but I honestly believe it is about one day's worth of steady work.

-I've been working on some minor crafty things; flannel boards and shapes, some flannel people are in progress, alef-bet cards in a tin, sorting all the boy's toys into keep, toss, and educational, put all the 'school' things in one closet and all their toys in another, with the really messy stuff up where they can't reach, refurbishing a dollhouse I got at the thrift store, and painting up some peg people to live in it. Adin loves them. It's all very nice.

That's it for now; back to work on the flooring now. I plan to finish it tonight :)


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