10 April, 2012

April continues! As it does.

It's been a good week; I have been working for one full week now, and it is going well, at least in my opinion. I've made a few mistakes, thankfully nothing major (even one that was major but turned out to not be my fault) and I am looking forward to more. The only problem is that I can log in any time and do 'just a little' and I really need to be doing other things in the house.

For example, I finished up the flooring in the new master bedroom and we moved all our furniture in; it's wonderful. I've loved this room since we first saw the house, and it just feels right. I'm still working on clearing out the old room, which will be a guest room/baby's room/office, depending. I'm sure it will evolve. Either way, I need to empty it of the detritus from the past 6 months and lay flooring in there too. Then it's on to the boy's room. We've been buying the flooring for each room on separate trips to Ikea; it works out well so far, as we really don't have a place to store more than what we need for one project at a time. Plus I love Ikea, and Asher loves Smaland, so it's quite nice.

I'm still filling boxes with stuff to give away; I think we need to make a donation run this week. I also need to remember to send out some seeds I promised to a friend, and donate all the rest to the community garden.

Our own garden is looking pretty pitiful, but there are living things in there! The last windstorm blew down my makeshift coldframe, which shocked about half the seedlings too far to recover, but the rest are doing ok. I just need to figure out some way to keep the squirrels from eating everything.

Pesach is going well; the seders were ok; it can really only improve from here, and they weren't bad, it was just a stark contrast from the big, involved Chabad seders to me reading the haggadah myself and prompting responses from the boys. I'm thinking of organising a second night seder next year with a group of friends; I think it would be a lot of fun, a good mix of ages, and a nice, comfortable span of observance levels. The oat shmurah matzoh we got was FOUL though; I am either making my own or buying Lakewood next year. yeesh. It made the regular shmurah matzah seem tasty.

Since the boys are finally asking to go to bed (I have reached the pregnancy point that I really can't chase them around anymore) it's time to wrap this up.


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