15 August, 2012

Baby boy had his Brit Milah Monday! My father got to meet him; passing through from Washington to California he spent Friday and Saturday with us, but had to leave Sunday and so could not be the Sandak. We scrambled to even find a mohel; EVERYONE was out of town, including our rabbi's family and the majority of the mohels (of the two that were not out of town one called us back very confused as he had been retired for over a year). We got Dr. Lowensohn, and he was LOVELY. The wonderful Sarina came, and with my mother and grandmother it was a full house. Well, a full living room, at least. We have a very small house. The ceremony was very nice, the procedure itself was relatively quick (although he did not, unfortunately, sleep through it as Adin had. My mother got him very drunk on Manishevitz instead. Poor drunk baby.) Ariel brought her gorgeous baby Tova at the end (Tova and Malachi were both due the same day; she came 2 weeks early, and he came 2 weeks late. They are exactly 1 month apart.) The gathering was small, and kind of awkward, and totally reflected our family. It was great. The bagels and sparkling cider just topped it off. Today he weighed in at 8lbs 9oz. He is doing extremely well. :)

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