21 October, 2012

October skies

Autumn has struck us, here in Oregon. I say struck, because that is exactly what happened. Sukkot brought a slight chill in the evenings, some wind, as if to remind us that summer was officially over, but summer held sway until last weekend when a storm swept in. Finally! I was ready for Fall, even though I did not realise it. Summer was beginning to drag for me; I needed fresh air again.

This week the weather was lovely, with the occasional rain, but this weekend again brought heavy rain. The trees are changing, the sweaters are on, and I am reminded that though the long, hot summer we forgot to price replacement heaters. For now we have space heaters, which do a good job, but long-term we are looking into heaters that are also dehumidifiers, as I don't think we will ever be in a position to experience the air being too *dry* in the winter.

  On my 30 list I have made some progress.
1) I am almost caught up on the journals and found where I can buy a journal for Malachi.
3) Homeschooling is going well; the boys are very enthusiastic, although that may be more an enthusiasm for being allowed to play with markers than for anything else.
 5) Slow, steady progress on paying off those cards. I had to divert one week of payments to paying other bills, and drained my 'tax account' (long story), but I am back to weekly payments and the due amounts are dropping quickly.
7) We celebrated the High Holidays and are looking forward to Chanukah; I would like to start doing a little something for Rosh Chodesh but until I can regularly have the headspace to keep Shabbat a special time then I know not to add more onto my to-do list.
 8) Milt and I have everyone up-to-date on the WiiFit. I'm actually pretty good on weight, but my physical abilities have definitely deteriorated since I last played (which turned out to be over a year ago!)
9) I am starting Adin on the SCD diet tomorrow, and will be doing a modified version myself, in solidarity. Fingers crossed!
11)Renewed my Etsy listings; otherwise, nothing new there, but my plans are coming along nicely.
12) I have been making things; I'm going to see if I've 'caught up' yet; the goal is 365 items by my birthday.
 13) Took the boy's monthly photos. yay!
15) Filling a box in my office as I go; my office is coming along nicely too.
16) Began rereading my herbalism texts. I need to find a reputable course; I am not going to invest time and money unless I get a recognized certificate at the end of it.
24) Sent my Grandma a birthday card. Yay!
25) Still writing down recipes. I forgot how much time that takes. Also, I ran out of ink. blah.
 26 & 27) I missed a couple days (illness/thunderstorm) but have been very good about getting dressed and going outside.

That's about it; now for a gratuitous photo of the boys in the last of the warm weather.

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