09 January, 2013

Certification frenzy

Today I received the book list for my doula course. The book had 10 titles that were required (5 set and 5 'my pick'), so within about 30 minutes I had reserved 36 of them at the library, purchased 6 online, and have the 2 I already own out and ready to read. I am clearly very, very, excited. I am also SET for reading material. At least, I will be soon.

Then I discovered, through the same organization, an herbalist certification course that I am going to go with! I feel really good about this course, and rather than just do the certificate I will do the Master Herbalist program. First I have to save up the money. If I can swing it then I think I really can get my certifications both as a doula and as a Master Herbalist this year.

I also tracked down LLL meetings locally, since I decided that as long as I am at it I will become a LLL Leader. I know I meet the requirements, just need to do the coursework. Also, attend meetings. I haven't gotten out much! This is something else I am looking forward to now.

Leaving my job has me nervous, but not as nervous as I was at first. I am leaving my current post at the end of the month. I have told my coworkers that what I am going to miss most is chatting with them. Otherwise, it is the right move for us. As long as I can keep things going financially, that is. I have faith. Just have to keep going. Life has become very exciting all of a sudden, and I am extremely happy about it.


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