30 January, 2013

Waiting to begin

The countdown to my job switch has begun, although I don't actually know when it will be as it will take place at the same time that the big, new work site goes live. I am excited for that. In the meantime I've been struggling through my doula reading and learning ways to use our Montessori materials. I am really looking forward to exploring materials with the boys, and getting a real clear image of how to balance the two doing work together and separately.

We got sidelined a bit with a really terrible cold; it's been a week now and we are all on the mend, but until the last bit of this lingering cough goes away I am not counting us 'recovered'. The worst day, for any of us, was the second day after initial symptoms. Terrible, full-body pain. I broke down and took Tylenol that day. I was awful. I do wish I had been hit before the boys, as they each suffered through it before I had any idea what they were feeling. They are so strong.

Looking forward to a potluck for all the waterbirth center babies and families coming up next month! Other than that, just moving along, trying to get things done, and getting ready to fill up my day with learning instead of working. Well, it's still work. Just a different kind of work.


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