18 July, 2007

fast forward

Sometimes life just happens, and everything happens at once. I spent 8 years at community college figuring out what I wanted, working a few jobs, pretty much just sitting around. Suddenly it's as though I have jumped on the express train to grown-up land and it's a little overwhelming. As of September first, in the past two years I will have, in this order,:

Moved Out of the house into an Apartment and started paying all my own bills (including rent)
Finally decided on a major/career plan and Started at University (as a Junior. Being a Transfer is awesome.)
Joined a sorority (I'm not good at groups in general.)
Gotten married
Moved again, due to money issues, into an even better yet less expensive place
Bought a car
Learned all about Insurance (and paid for it)
Watched my debt top $20,000 (hurray for in-school deferment)
Passed the quarter-century mark
And, within a month, Am having a baby.

It's like there is some sort of cosmic checklist with every item being crossed off ASAP. Thinking about it this way is a bit scary. Plus all I really want right now is food. So I'm going to go make some palak paneer and maybe some corn bread and leave you with a picture of the last round of sushi I made. It was sooooo tasty.

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