16 July, 2007

Starting Fresh

Wow, it has been a long time! Almost a year, actually. It isn't as if nothing has been happening either; in fact quite a bit has. Yesterday, for example, we wound up at the hospital for 2 hours (everything is ok, no worries, family drama) and went to IKEA. To buy the perfect dresser/changing table for the baby's 'corner'. Behold, it is lovely, and I assembled it myself. So proud. It was surprisingly easy too (I know, IKEA, easy assembly, yadda yadda, but still, it was a bit daunting at first unboxing. Also very, very heavy).
Ah. So pristine. So simple. Now the crib looks a little ratty in comparison. Oh well.

Other things I have done just this week:
*Turned 25 (On Friday, and yes, it was awesome).
*Saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which was very good. On My Birthday.
*Ate sushi at my favorite sushi restaurant ever, Ninja Sushi, I have never had better sushi anywhere. Also On My Birthday.
*Decoupaged a set of boxes, which may or may not get photographed before this time next year.
*Actually studied instead of freaking out about flunking out of school. Because seriously, me, flunk? Doesn't happen. I get good grades with an annoyingly small amount of effort. Usually. When I do have to study, watch out world, because that class is HARD. I will point and laugh when you take it later and are shocked at how difficult it is.
*Finally gained 5 pounds over my beginning-pregnancy weight, which is interesting in a "baby has been eating all my food and fat stores for 8 months and I've finally caught up as far as food consumption" sort of way. Also, I waddle now. As of yesterday. Although I think it may be the after-effects of driving and sitting for a total of 5 hours and then assembling a really heavy (but totally worth it) dresser instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour. 2 am was pushing it a little.
*Blogged. Wahoooo! Let's see if I can do it again.

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