26 July, 2007

Tomorrow, perhaps

Well, I was all set to put up a post with pictures about the nursery (which is done! Except for a changing pad. hrmmm) or perhaps a flickr link about our trip to Florida last December for our first anniversary, or even a tribute to one of the several cherished feline friends my family has had over the years, but by the time I had found, sorted, and moved all my pictures around (most of which I had managed to lose in my computer) Cam was home and he gets the big computer. Plus, This Came Today:
So I think you know what I'll be doing with the rest of my evening. I'm sure I'll figure out Flickr tomorrow. If I can keep track of what day it is.

::edit:: Well, the Mr. has managed to claim the book before I could, which is fair since he does have to go to work tomorrow and I, well, can spend the entire day wallowing in bed. So I have figured out Flickr, and Bloglines, and added a whole bunch of stuff to my sidebar. Now I just want to figure out how to change the background, aside from color.

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