16 August, 2010

(im)material monday: random

Not much of a 'stuff' update today, because our roommate moved out and we moved all the boy's stuff (not beds or clothes) into that room, which is now an AWESOME PLAYROOM, and I am painting the kitchen/dining room/family room, which is currently a deep, deep burgundy, some lovely beige tones.
Now, I love color, but that dark color makes the room, which is the biggest one in the house, like a cave. Plus, my family is peopled with packrats, and clutter+dark rich wall colors = overwhelming. The new colors are much lighter, help take advantage of the great afternoon light in there, and make the clutter much more bearable. Of course, I've been 'packing away' some of that clutter as I go; we'll see what my Mom thinks when she gets back! ;) (She is currently in Hawaii for two weeks, and has no idea I am doing this. She'll be really happy, really annoyed, or both when she gets back. I'm banking on both, as that's just how she is.)
Now I had better get to sleep; half way done!


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