17 August, 2010

tasty tuesday- carrots and squash

I'm back on the RAW bandwagon, just barely! but more on that later. See, I keep returning to eating RAW because of how much better I feel, but mostly, because of how much worse I feel when I don't eat this way. (Avoiding pain is one great motivator!) It's reminiscent of how yoga has been for me; it has helped my stiffness and joint issues so much, but when I don't do it for a couple days MAN am I in pain. As I told my Dad, "It's amazing how easy it is to get used to feeling bad, I can't believe I used to feel like this all the time and just didn't notice."Well, the downside of taking care of yourself is that when you DON'T you really feel it. ouch! Now that I've been eating RAW the allergies, cold symptoms, sluggishness, muscle pain, fatigue and irritability are so incredibly unacceptable, mostly because I now know what it feels like to not feel those things. WOW.
Ok, on to food.
For breakfast we (the boys and I) had some fruit and then snacked on homemade trailmix throughout the day: dried raisins and blueberries, cashews, almonds, pecans and walnuts. When I can't think of what to eat or just feel 'munchy' this is what I grab.

For lunch I made a raw carrot 'soup', out of:
1 (slightly squishy) tomato
2 carrots
1 onion
1 beautiful golden beet
the juice of a (slightly squishy) lemon
some saltsome pepper

threw it all in my vitamix and blended away until I got this!

a drizzle of evoo, a celery stick, and thou

super tasty!

Now, for dinner I nearly threw in the towel. We have some GF pasta in the cupboard, and I just couldn't figure out dinner. Then I read Sayward's post about vodka sauce, found some mystery squash and started peeling. Then I realised that I did not have the right ingredients for any of the sauces. gah. I was ready to give up again, until I realised, hey, I'm an adult! I can handle this! I got the boys ready, drove to the store, and got what I needed (in this case, sundried tomatoes) and some fruit for the next day. Now, I cringed at the cost of the tomatoes ($3 for a small bag) especially since our favorite grocery has sundried, local, organic tomatoes in bulk, but that is the price I pay for dithering around and not planning ahead!

Anyhow, we got home, I threw the sauce ingredients (along with the leftover carrot soup) in the vitamix (yay!) and in minutes dinner was ready to serve. It was delicious! However, it was really unappetizing in appearance and the light was awful, but here you go.

not nearly as attractive as it was tasty

For actually appetizing photos of RAW pasta go read Sayward's blog, Bonzai Aphrodite, about it. (Can I just say here, she is one of my blogging heroines? Yes indeed, inspirational)
Now we only used about 1/3 of the sauce, and it is delicious, so I need to figure out what to
do with it tomorrow! Also, I really, really need to plan further ahead.


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