24 August, 2010

tasty tuesday - sushi and 'rice'

I've been throwing in some raw food again, now that I'm feeling well enough to branch out from my tea+broth cold diet. I tried this recipe for cauliflower 'rice' and, well, I'm hoping I did something wrong because the texture was good but the flavor, hmm. I think maybe the cauliflower was not quite right? It started out kind of tasty, and then just kept tasting worse. It was not growing on us; quite the opposite. So I figured I would just try to use it in sushi instead, since the texture was good and when I rolled it up with some greens it tasted good. Well, the sushi came out quite tasty, and was really fun to make, but the cauliflower not only tasted off but I was quite nauseated for the rest of the evening. (irony: first night in a week I've had the opportunity to go to sleep before 1am, and I'm up because of my stomach. yeesh.) Still, I thought I would share what did work.

miso paste sushi nori sheets sliced carrots
sliced squash rice substitute avocado slices
smashed nuts

First I prepped all the ingredients and laid them out conveniently.

Mom, I can have?

Then, assembly! I smeared some miso paste across the nori, then spread out a layer of rice substitute (I've seen people makethe sushi without the rice sub, and it looked tasty, so I may try that next time!) Next some lines of carrot, squash, avocado, and nuts.

Asher likes to help.

ready to roll!

Roll up tight with the mat

all done!

Slice and serve. Yum!

Next I'm going to try raw tacos and rawvioli, and I'm trying out a chocolate torte for Asher's birthday. nom nom. :)


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