25 August, 2010

working wednesday: random meme

Despite working extra hard today (why is it we are getting all our summer right now? 111 degrees? seriously California?) I didn't actually complete any projects, although I did get partway through quite a few; plus, the awesome tires I found for my bike got sold out, so now I am back to square one in the tire search. grr. Anyhoo! So I decided to do a meeeeme, since I haven't in quite a while. Here goes.

1. age on my next birthday
2. place (s) I would like to travel
3. favorite place (s)4. favorite food (s)5. favorite animal

6. favorite color

7. place where I was born
8. name of pet (s)

9. my first name
10. bad habit11. first job
12. Grandmother's names13. college major
well, that's it for today. Hopefully the temps are low enough tomorrow to really be productive; no a/c + high temps = lots of sitting around trying not to feel warm. yay popsicles!


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