07 February, 2008

cupcake hero? YES.

I have made my boozy cupcakes. I call them: Toblerone-Schnapps Cupcakes. Although maybe a better name would be alcohol-enhanced box-mix cupcakes. They are delicious.

To Begin!
I took a package of Toblerones, melted them, added about 1/4 cup of Buttercotch Schnapps and then froze them in an ice cube tray to harden. Freezing was probably unnecessary.

Next, I took a package of Duncan Hines Devil's Food cake mix (on sale! $1 each! Score!) I followed the instructions except I subbed 2/3 c. of Creme de Cacao for 1/2 the water. Next time, I'm thinking I'll sub ALL the water with creme de cacao. yum. I also threw in a bag of walnut baking pieces, because I had them in my pantry and that's how I roll; just throw everything in the pot (or bowl, in this case) cook, and eat. I placed my toblerone-alcohol bites on top of some of the cupcakes to hopefully serve as a filling.

Finally, I took a container of Betty Crocker Whipped Chocolate Frosting and stirred in 1/4 c. of butterscotch schnapps and creme de cacao (total, not individually).

I frosted the cupcakes and then found some bright blue sprinkles and added those! (Again, that's just how I roll. I'm an impulse cook.)

Verdict: The cupcakes are light and tasty, but you can't really taste any alcohol in the cakes themselves. The filling is a little gooey, as intended, and the frosting, oh, so good. Just boozy enough, in my opinion. I am definitely making these again, although next time I think I'm going to use creme de menthe instead of butterscotch, just to mix things up a little. :)

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