07 February, 2008

rock the vote

Or at least get out of the house and get to it! The three of us did manage to get ourselves over to the polling place, finally, even though it really is about 2 blocks away. we are so lazy. Anyhow, it was fun, Ephraim got to see his first electoral process and we got to politely and firmly decline way too many "I voted" stickers. It was weird; they really didn't tell us how to fill out anything or submit our finished packets, and I even had to find myself a pen, but they were ALL ABOUT those stickers. Weird. Anyhow, I wore my new coat and the SHOES that Mariko sent me! I love these shoes. LOVE THEM. I would wear them too much, but I don't leave the house that often ;p. I DID wear them to the Cheesecake Factory in Union Square on Monday; I felt oh-so-stylish. Until Ephraim had his very first meltdown! yay! He did pop out a tooth in less than 24 hours though, so it was understandable.

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mariko said...

Super cute, and I love the coat!