20 February, 2008

wine box into makeup box

My mom had an old wooden wine gift box that she gave me to stash my utility knives in. Except they didn't fit correctly. However, I did just order some new supplies from E.L.F., and I realised that the new brushes kit would fit perfectly in the 'neck' portion of the box. So I recovered the top with some contact paper to match my decor...

Then I took out the wooden 'neck' holder and flipped it upside down, just to better define that smaller area. I nailed a piece of elastic across the inside top, and then used packing tape to create a little 'box' across the lower 1/4 of the top, so all those little doodads wouldn't fall down every time I shut the lid.

I think it worked out pretty great! All the tools are in the small area, except for lip brushes, which are up above with the lip sticks, and the eyeshadow brushes, which are up with the eyeliners and such. In the main area I have all my compacts, powders, foundation, etc. Next I'm trying ot find my roll of sticky-backed magnet tape, so I can repurpose an altoid tin to house some leftover makeup samples that don't have any sort of case.
Oh, and I still need a box for those knives. Easily accessible razors+increasingly mobile infant=very bad.

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