18 February, 2008

A success!

Yesterday I drove on over to Gilroy and was quite productive. First I borrowed Dad and picked up a convertible crib, which matches all the other furniture we have for E, and it is very cute and the family that sold it was also very cute and I am very happy. The only problem is I had to choose between driving home with the crib or with E, so the crib is still in Gilroy :)
Second, turns out K found the family pattern stash and wanted to toss it all in the recycling! So I claimed it instead. I am keeping a few for myself, and the rest I'll probably put up on Etsy for a couple bucks a piece. 2/3 are from the 80s, 1/3 from the 70s, so it's a nice mix. the majority are either super cute or super dated, so I think they'll find appreciative homes soon.
Third, I got some supplies to make some alphabet posters for my friend's daughters, and a few for E, inspired by a poster I saw on ohdeedoh. Mine are a lot smaller; the ones for Cara's girls are going to be 11x11, including chipboard frame, and E's will be about the same size. I'm doing 3 for E; one Roman alphabet, one Katakana and one Hebrew. I may do one in Russian, too, but since I didn't take much Russian that one may take a bit longer. I'm also doing the girls' in pink, white, and brown to match their room, rather than the white and rainbow colors I'm using for E. I'll try to remember to post pics when I'm done.

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