11 February, 2008

Hooray for Monday!

What a weekend! 300+miles and 2 birthday parties later, I am home and exhausted. E is next to me happily licking a rattle while I am ready to go back to bed. Again. :)

We drove up to Brentwood Saturday morning to meet up with Cici and head up together to Isabella's party (my mother-in-law's husband's daughter's daughter; = E's cousin). She is turning 1 on Wednesday, and since Noah's party was the next day they decided that just having a weekend of birthday parties would make it easier for everyone to make it. Anyhooo; very cute party. Jen (Isabella's mom) has a cute little townhouse...

interruption: difference between townhouse/apartment/condo? I really need to look this up. continuing...

and Isabella enjoyed opening her presents. However, it felt borderline high-pressure, especially since I have E's first birthday coming up to plan and I'm way too competitive. I think it was the fact that she had hired help there? Taking professional photos? Otherwise it was really sweet; she had a large frame and mat for people to sign with birthday wishes, and I LOVE that idea, and cupcakes instead of a big cake which I am definitely doing. Afterward we went to Little Gym with her, and it scared me. I am sorry. Isabella loves it! Unfortunately her cousins had already had a long day (and cupcakes. and candy) and we had to leave before the time was up. E only cared about his shoes the whole time anyhow. A learning experience; check out a couple sessions before enrolling! will do.

We stopped by Vikki's and Garrison's house on the way back, and Cici convinced them to keep all three of her kids overnight so we could prepare for the party the next day. So we drove down with only E, and proceeded to eat tortellini and watch School of Rock (YEAH!). I think she ironed a tablecloth? I dunno. We are productive!
We did clean up and set up the next day for Noah's party; it was Cars themed (again! Hooray convenience!) and a lot of fun. Oh so much food.

I made Noah a little cloth backpack/stuffsack with dinosaur buttons on it, and packed it with a kaleidoscope, some dinosaur window stickers and some learning trading cards. I honestly felt really self-conscious leading up to him opening it, since he was getting SUCH! COOL! store-bought presents (Cars toys, basketball hoop, slot cars (I want!) etc.) but he actually loved it! Even the other kids loved it! They kept taking turns with the kaleidoscope, so I definitely feel motivated to do more home-made and simple presents. I really should have taken a photo of it, since it was a cute little bag. Maybe next time I'll remember.

Right afterward I headed back home, dropping of Kat (my sister-in-law, not my sister Kat. Their names are 1 letter off) at her new house in Campbell, picked up Cam from work and got home. Ah, sweet relief! Just kidding. Cam stayed up all Saturday night playing WoW, so he passed out. I *nearly* had a tantrum, but it wouldn't have done any good(since he was asleep), so I made dinner instead and felt a lot better :) He did make me breakfast this morning, so I think we're even. Not that I keep score. Much.

Oh! I found a FANTASTIC fabric store here in town! I am in love with this store. I raided their remnants bins and came away with some fabrics for E's room and some to make cushion covers. I'm so excited; I want to go back! First I have to clear out my stash though. I have 12 bins of fabric. I'm serious. The majority of it was handed down, but still, I need to do something about this! I also have a huge bin of unfinished projects, and bin of mending, and a bin of yarn (acrylic, but with good memories, so right now it's staying). So no shopping! Today. C has the car anyhow. ;p

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