15 January, 2008


Haven't been blogging much; lack of time + corrupted memory card in my camera means no new posts and a very sad loss of quite a few pictures. Of course, every couple of days I keep trying to save them.

We signed up for Netflix a couple weeks ago, and so far have been on the *eh* side of movie choices. We got the last two Pirates of the Carribean movies because Cam had not seen the 2nd and neither of us had seen the 3rd. The reviews for the 3rd had been so awful that o be honest I was actually pleasantly surprised. I guess there is some merit to the idea of aiming low, so people won't expect too much? So for the 3rd movie choice I ordered up Pan's Labyrinth, which I had wanted to see since it was in production.

Reviews of this movie were great! It was beautifully shot, a whimsical masterpiece, etc. etc. One or two reviews warned about the violence, but hey, I can handle violence, right? The main story is about the girl and her fairytales, right? We have never been so depressed about a movie EVER. Don't get me wrong, it was beautifully shot, and felt very real and was extremely engrossing.

SPOILER ALERT: Whimsy? I did not get any *whimsy* up in here. Violence? Yes. A disturbing portrait of my own personal views on fairies? Yes. A movie that just gets more and more and more depressing and hopeless until everyone DIES and then the last 2 minutes sort of kind of give you a modicum of happy ending that just leaves you scrambling to justify why you are clinging so desperately to that smidgen of happiness? Hell to the Yes. Do not show this to you children. Please. You think the original Grimm's were freaky? Welcome to the creepiest stories I read growing up all strung together! We were so sad when it ended that we just went to bed and cuddled Ephraim for a while. I'm still having visions of some of the scenes and want to cry and hide my baby, and I was one morbid and obsessive kid growing up, so these stories were nothing new to me.

We've ordered Shrek the Third next.

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