20 January, 2008

Operation: Portland

So, Operation: Portland is a go. It has been for a while now, as I slowly (ok, forcefully) insinuate the idea into Cam's subconscious (shove it down his throat). What is it, you ask? Basically it's "Let's move to Portland! Portland is great! Let's live there!" Not actually Portland though, probably Hillsboro, as there is a Pharmacy school there, housing prices are AWESOME (compared to here; although, anyplace has awesome housing prices compared to here) and there are about 30 Walgreens within 30 minutes, so all he would have to do to find a job is transfer. yay! We would be going in the summer of '09, 'if' he doesn't get into UCSF. Or, even if he does get in and still decides to go to Oregon. I am hoping, since I love Oregon, but we will wait and see. Plus, we are going to tour the campus and town when he gets an interview, just to be sure. It would be awful to go up there and find that he hates the school, or I hate the town (doubt it) or something. :) So far the staff seems pretty cool, and very friendly and communicative. Yay! I say Yay a lot. Also Whoooot.
Oh, and congrats to Cara, Mike and Emily on baby Samantha. What a cutie!

Also, I had a very productive day today. Maybe I'll post pics tomorrow, as E is currently fussing and spitting up on me. ew.

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