17 January, 2008

on creativity

I have had people tell me, all my life, “oh! You are so creative!” I suppose there is some merit to that; sometimes I feel creative myself. I enjoy beauty, I enjoy making things and yes, I enjoy impressing people (a little). In comparison to people who do not have the opportunity to create I can see how I would appear as some sort of wunderkind in the realm of artsyness. However, anytime I get wrapped up in my own awesomeness I only have to compare myself to my sisters. We all grew up with the same influences, the same opportunities, but their creativity outstrips mine in a heartbeat. True, they have more opportunity but they have made the choices necessary to give themselves those options. Which makes me believe that anyone can be creative, you just have to take the time, so why be so impressed with me when you can be blown away with something REALLY good or even make it yourself?

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