21 January, 2008

super productive

I have been on a crafting/cleaning ROLL these past few days. whoot! I made up 4 changing-pad covers (3 still need ties, but that can wait until after my nap ;)) almost finished another set of overalls for E (they just need snaps), repaired his winnie-the-pooh honeypot lamp, and have gotten started on sorting through the 4(!) boxes of papers that had piled up. I'm so excited! As I said though, I need a nap. Plus I'm waiting to hear if Sydney is actually coming up today. Hoping hoping hoping. Oh yeah, and I've been car-shopping on Craigslist. My goal is to have a car by the end of the week. finally. :) Now I'm going to make up a grocery list in hopes of actually getting to the store this week. I need to do my daring baker's challenge, and I've been wanting to do the cupcake challenge too, but I need to finish clearing he kitchen just a bit. Oh, and have ingredients that aren't pasta-related.

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