08 August, 2007

B is for

- Books : I love books. I have been reading since I was 2 1/2, and I MUST READ. I don't care what it is, if there is nothing worthwhile to read I will read pamphlets, badly-written novels, ingredients labels, whatever. When I was 6 the babysitter freaked out because she found me reading the encyclopedia (I got as far as volume E before my parents got home.) I had just run out of anything else to read in the house, so it was that or start reading the contents of the medicine cabinet, and books are a lot less noisy. Nowadays I can stockpile good things to read, which is a blessing as I really despise bad writing (even though I will read it. angrily). This may be why I actually enjoyed being an English tutor. It's definitely why I don't understand how anyone gets into college not being able to write a decent paragraph, much less an essay. How does this happen?

- Babies : I love babies. They are pretty awesome, all potential and curiosity and unabashed confusion. I think they're cute too, but it's their personalities that hook me.

- Beauty : I'm a highly visual person. This may be the easy-to-distract way my brain is wired, but I just love looking at things. Noses fascinate me. Pieces of people, in general, fascinate me. More than looking at the whole person, I'll find one or two details that make me just love the way that person looks, so to me everyone truly is beautiful, someway. I also love having beautiful things in my home, and I think my aversion to clutter is because I get overloaded by having so much to look at all at once. Too much to me is not beautiful anymore.

- Beer : I really really REALLY like beer. Maybe because my Dad gave it to me growing up for heartburn (it works!). I miss drinking beer. Soon, soon, I know. I have some friends in Sacramento who occasionally brew their own beer, and it is mighty good. I should go visit them sometime.

- Baking : I love baking. this is strange because my method of cooking is 'throw everything in a pot and cook on High'. I don't measure very carefully, I add and omit whatever I feel like, and the stuff that comes out is still, generally, not only edible but quite tasty. For baking though I am precise, and I love the feeling of the process. Perhaps it's because the actual 'cooking' portion I don't have to stand there and watch, so I can be more patient with the assembly portion.

-Blogs : I enjoy blogs; all sorts of blogs. I love learning about people, even if it's only the small parts that they are willing to share and not the entire person, because it still is a glimpse into what makes us people. I read far too many blogs though; I think I'm at over 100 (thank you to whichever blogger mentioned bloglines, it is awesome!).

-Birth : I think birth is amazing, and that being part of that process is incredible. I also think that women giving birth should be able to feel just how incredible and powerful and simple the whole thing is, and to help with that process would be the best job EVER. I am going to be a midwife someday, somehow, and since I decided this when I was 14 and still remain committed to the idea I think I'm on the right track. (I decided on my current major when I was that age also, and so far it's going very well.)

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