09 August, 2007

C is for...

cats : I love cats. I am also wildly allergic to them. I am also wildly allergic to Corpus Christi, Texas, but what can you do? Anyhow; one of the times we lived in said city I 'adopted' a cat : hid it in my room, where my mom found it while vacuuming because she opened the closet door and it ran out and puked under my bed. Poor thing. I am proud to say that it had a litter box and good food, which I paid for myself, so I was a pretty good owner, even if it was a covert operation. Since living in California cats have adopted us, and my parents finally just gave up and let us name and care for them. We get pretty attached to our little strays now. My 'baby', Aishabella, I actually found as an abandoned 4-week-old. She died at about 1 1/2, we don't know why, but I suspect it's from whatever it was that caused her mother to abandon her and not the other 3 kittens. Either way, I loved that cat. She was nuts, couldn't see in the dark, was extremely clumsy, growled like a dog at strangers, would wait at the window until I came home, got stuck in trees and would get out by just throwing herself at the ground, and liked to catch and eat flies and rain. I miss her.

curls : I really like having curly hair. Of course I usually manage to butcher it, and the curls are only cute when I'm not going anywhere. Going into public makes my hair do really odd, mostly unattractive things unless I straighten or severely restrict its movements. Oh well. My dad has awesome hair; he had a blonde afro in his teens and early twenties; it was magnificent. Unfortunately he doesn't take care of it, otherwise all those tiny little curls would look so cool. I hope my kids get curls, even the boys. Is that mean of me? probably.

crafts : I love making things. I love watching other people make things. It's all about the...

creative process : which is just another way that we

communicate : which is what I am studying and one of the things I find incredibly fascinating. How we choose to convey information, why, how its interpreted, why, etc. etc. etc. I love this stuff.

conclusions : are my weakness in writing. I dislike weak conclusions, yet I am just so bad at writing them myself. I always feel like I'm wrapping things up into too neat a package, a sort of smug little 'ta-da', and I really don't like that. I think it may also be due to my obsession with patterns, as nothing is truly isolated, and to claim something is concluded is to completely ignore the larger framework and even the interior connections going on, in my view.

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