10 August, 2007

D is for ...

dreams : plans, ambitions, aspirations, what-have-you. Just having these gives us direction, keeps depression from sinking in. It's the ones I've met who don't have any purpose, even one for the day, that are so unhappy with their lives. As for the other kind, well, mine are pretty odd. A few things I know about my dreams: First, I do dream in color, occasionally, because it contrasts with the rest of the dream which is usually not in color. My first recollection of this is a forest scene, replaying over and over with trees and a stream, and 3 dancing red lobsters floating in midair. They were in color. Second, I can read in my dreams, sometimes; again, there is a big contrast and frustration when I cannot read whatever it is in my dream versus when I can read. The stuff that I read though is usually not that interesting. The last time I 'read' something it was some sort of pancake for dieters. odd. Third, I dream about my birth. It's just a sensation of increasing and descending pressure, and all I 'see' is black and white until the end, when it all gets white and the pressure and discomfort ends. Exciting, I know. I also know I'm not the only one who remembers there birth, so it's not all that amazing. interesting though :).

dogs : I like them. We had a Great Dane when I was a baby, until it overwhelmed my mom to the point she gave him away to a nice couple she met. I plan to someday have a big dog myself, only I plan to have a big yard first. That way it won't be inside where it can eat my cushions + rug + screen door like Rodney did. Or chase cats through the house (that was the final straw. Especially as my mom tackled him to stop him and he just carried her through the house instead.)

decisions : I generally avoid them, unless I absolutely have to make them or there really is only one good one. If you give me 2+ equally good options though, I will stall as long as possible. Maybe I just like to keep my options open :)

dusting : I really like dusting. A lot. No, I was not a particularly neat child, and I'm not a particularly neat adult. I just like making things clean.

driving : I'm not really a fan, but I prefer being the driver when I am in a car. I also believe I have every right to be totally freaked out by your driving, and it would be great if you would stop getting all huffy about it and instead tried not tailgating at 70+ mph. I think your insurance may thank you also. everybody wins!

dolls : I have a strange relationship with dolls. I like them, but kind of as a commentary on people rather than to play with. I never played with dolls properly as a child either. I would either set them up nicely and never touch them or else use them as weapons/melt them/launch them off platforms/into ceiling fans/etc. Yet people kept buying me dolls. Didn't they see what I was doing to them? So strange. Oh well, I had fun.

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